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Penguin Monitor 8s
Penguin Monitor 8s uses a secure SSH connection for monitoring up to 8 Linux/Unix servers on your LAN or across the Internet. It runs on a Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2K system tray.
[ Shareware, $19.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
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Enterprise Express Messenger
Enterprise Express Messenger is a messaging software allowing you to communicate instantaneously with any EEM users inside your intranet. This architecture avoids to centralize all messages/files exchanges on a single server.
[ Shareware, $19.95 - Windows XP/NT/2000/98 ]
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NEWT Professional
Network Inventory and Discovery tool capable of scanning over 100 items.
[ Shareware, $200.00 - Windows XP/NT/2000 ]
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Advanced Port Scanner
Advanced Port Scanner is a small, fast, easy-to-use and robust port scanner for the Win32 platform. It is multithreaded, so on fast machines you can scan ports in very a few seconds.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
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Power Network Manager
List, create and kill processes. List, stop, and start services, and set start mode. List, create and delete shares. List installed printers(with driver information)
[ Shareware, $39.00 - Windows XP/2000 ]
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Network Management Suite
Network management solution containing two must-have applications: Alchemy Network Monitor monitors network servers, Alchemy Network Inventory makes the complete detection of the network assets
[ Shareware, $399.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
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Bopup Scanner
This freeware portable network scanner displays active computers with logged user names (NetBIOS), MAC and IP addresses. It also detects and shows HTTP (Web) servers running on remote computers (TCP port 80, 8080) and can accept an IP range to scan.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
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Centralized Internet traffic logging and analysis, combined with customizable online reports shows you exactly which web sites users on your network are visiting in real-time. Allows you track, manage or report on how the Internet is being used.
[ Shareware, $49.95 - Windows XP/2000 ]
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Advanced IP Address Calculator
It is a freeware Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP utility that lets you to calculate every aspect of your subnet configuration in a few mouse clicks! It was designed for any network engineer who needs a fast way to determine subnets.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
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ManageEngine OpUtils
OpUtils offers the ability to map your Switch Ports to devices to its physical location. The IP Address Manager tool automatically discovers the subnets and scan them periodically to get the details of Used & Available IP Address in your network.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/NT/2000; Linux ]
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This GUI utility allows you to find out who has opened files and close them if you want. It's for file servers based on NT operation systems. It doesn't need installation. It's suitable for administrators.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows XP/NT/2000 ]
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Network Asset Tracker
Network Asset Tracker generates a network inventory without installing software on the users' PCs. Get complete information about operating systems, service packs, hotfixes, hardware, software and running processes on remote PCs fast.
[ Shareware, $59.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/ME/2000/98/95 ]
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XP TCP/IP Repair
XP TCP/IP Repair is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for commands in Windows XP that repair your TCP/IP registry settings and your Winsock LSP settings.
[ Freeware, $0.00 - Windows 8/7/Vista/XP ]
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SoftPerfect Traffic Meter
SoftPerfect Traffic Meter monitors your network traffic. With SoftPerfect Traffic Meter, you can create a full-featured system for monitoring the Internet traffic usage of specific users on your home or office network.
[ Shareware, $49.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98 ]
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AD File Transmitter
Automate frequent file transfer operations between different offices.
[ Shareware, $49.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
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Asset Tracker for Networks
This program is used to audit software and hardware components installed on the network PCs. It will collect your network inventory information, provide you with the detailed reports and allow you to export assets details to SQL database or web site
[ Shareware, $199.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
Download Download | Screenshot | Comments

Hero Remote Control
View and remote control computers securely and in real tim with the powerful classified password management. The user interface of this remote control software is easy to use when you are transferring files, browsing and navigating on both machines.
[ Shareware, $39.95 - Windows XP/ME/2000/98 ]
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Network Eagle Monitor
Network Eagle is a powerful network monitor. It monitors the state of servers and various remote services over the network. If the state of a monitored object has changed, NE will send a notification message or perform some specified actions.
[ Shareware, $249.00 - Windows XP/NT/2000 ]
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Net Explorer Pro
Help you to represent LAN groups/computers/folders (including hidden by $). It provide easy and fast multithreaded files search all over the LAN.
[ Shareware, $19.95 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95 ]
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LanHelper is an advanced remote administration tool for Windows servers and workstations, which integrates NT administration utilities, LAN monitoring, network scanning and network analyzing features.
[ Shareware, $69.00 - Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 ]
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Securepoint Network Test Tool
Ultra Network Sniffer
Fomine NetSend
LanFlow Net Diagrammer
IPSwitcher Basic
PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher
SoftPerfect Network Scanner
LAN Search Pro
Ace Password Sniffer

New 10 software releases:
Remote Desktop Screenshot
Network Inventory Expert
Network Asset Tracker Pro
Remote Desktop Assistant
Bopup Scanner
EMCO Remote Shutdown
EMCO Remote Shutdown
LanToucher Messenger
DEKSI Bandwidth Monitor

Top 10 software by user votes:
Ultra Network Sniffer
PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher
LanFlow Net Diagrammer
Securepoint Network Test Tool
VFWH monitor
Fomine NetSend
Remote Administrator (Radmin)
IPSwitcher Basic
Ace Password Sniffer

Top 8 software by sales:
IPSwitcher Basic
Alchemy Eye PRO
e-Surveiller spy software
LAN Search Pro
LanFlow Net Diagrammer
Ace Password Sniffer

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