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Description | Screenshot | Comments (0) | Download

View screenshot of VLButtonBarVLButtonBar is a versatile navigation control that can be used to incorporate MS Outlook styled navigation sidebar, a vertical menu as well as visual basic style tool palette into your applications. It allows you to arrange sets of buttons / navigation items into groups, each identified by its header.

VLButtonBar provides native (MBCS) support for far eastern languages, and also supports use of unicode text and font for group and button captions, making it an ideal choice for localization of your application UI.

The control provides a variety of orientation and layout combinations for groups and buttons to suite your specific needs. Also, the control can automatically calculate the appropriate size for buttons based on button picture size, button caption and the font, or you can specify a custom button size as per your requirements.

A variety of gradient filled background options for group headers and buttons and button styles allow you to incorporate great looking UI into your application.

Download VLButtonBar Now Download VLButtonBar

Buy VLButtonBar Buy VLButtonBar Now

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Download VLButtonBar Now Download VLButtonBar

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Version: 3.0
Released: Feb, 29 2004
License: Shareware, $189.00
Expires: Expiration Unknown

File size: 1,640 K
Platforms: Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Downloads: 168

Add outlook sidebar style navigation in your applications with VLButtonBar control. Use this control as vertical menu, VB styled toolbox. Supports unicode for button and group captions. Offers great looking buttons with gradient filled background.


VLButtonBar page at FreewareSeek

Developer: Viklele Associates

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Viklele Associates page at FreewareSeek

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