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23-Jul-2002 4,040 K Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP Shareware
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Accent a set of tools for Windows that will make you more efficient in your day to day computer tasks. You will have information at your fingertips and launch applications faster than ever. Get organized, be efficient, and have fun!
Published by Gitano Software, Inc. Accent Home Page
Life is good, but it can be better! Gitano Software announces the release of Accent, the desktop management tool for Windows. Accent will revolutionize the use of your browser and apply powerful organizational tools to data and programs. Accent will allow you to retrieve, store, and organize regularly used functions and files with a minimum of keystrokes, quickly and effectively. But best of all….it is PORTABLE. No need to wait until you are at your home computer to find registration numbers, passwords, favorite websites, or reminder notes….take it with you to work, or on the road for all your computing needs.

Accent provides pop-up friendly wizards that can step the user through various program functions including:
Notes Organizer
Image Organizer
Program Launcher
URL Manager
Registration, Password, and File Vaults
Eight Calendar Styles
A Variety of Calculators
Font Character Manager

Accent will save you time, frustration, and physical keystrokes, making it a must have tool for anyone who uses a computer. The well-known American saying, "Time is money" applies to Accent. Saving 1200 keystrokes a day means saving 438,000 keystrokes a year. Save time, money, frustration, and make your work time more effective and efficient with Accent.

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